Buddhist-inspired graffiti and street art

The Horse’s ongoing gallery of Buddhist-inspired graffiti and street art.



This one’s from Kelli Bickman: “Buddha and mary make an appearance on 25th st in chelsea, nyc.”
Thanks, Kelli. 
Vajrayogini makes a rare appearance in San Francisco’s Mission District.
Thanks to Sarah. 

Just added: words from the elusive Dolla Lama! Click here to jump.

An inspired twist on the infamous OBEY/Giant campaign. This sticker gets around.
Thanks to Way. 

Photo by Peter Stuckings Whoa. That’ll stop you in your tracks. Note the way that his chin seems to come over
the little ledge there. Nice.
Photo by eddiemalone This one’s called “Buddha Bow.” Good to see Shirts and Robes chilling together.
Photo by therealalex Look closely. This Urban Dharma scene, while kinda cool, isn’t just the work of some lone-wolf graffiti-writer. It’s a mural-style ad, for “Penang Affair,” the restaurant you’d find on the other side of this wall.
Buddha meets Warhol via graf, in Chicago.  
Photo by bindifry  
Photo by evanosherow    Now, this is interesting: it’s like a cartoon thangka (Tibetan deity scroll). And it’s not in some urban setting. This is just about as rural as it gets. The photographer comments: “Strange  art is beginning to appear in Bowie [Arizona]. This is actually on a friend’s storage shed.”
An ancient Buddhist mudra (for warding off evil) on a modern city wall.

Photographer’s note: “paste-up graffiti, Plateau Montreal – by shithead (?), Montr�al, Qu�bec” 

Photo by greynotgrey  
Photo by Lunaryuna A nice visual for ones’ commute. Details on Lunaryuna’s page.
Photo by Rusty Haskell We originally asked: Was this a one-hit, or has the “Dolla Lama” appeared with
other messages on his vinyl forehead?
Then we got this answer:

“I am a street artist in Orlando FL. I go by DOLLA, aka DOLLA LAMA. to answer your question: Yes, I have done other words of wisdom from the DALAI LAMA. [ . . . ] BIG UPS on the site. I enjoyed checking it out much love. DOLL4”

Stay tuned for a full Dharmaglyphs gallery of just the Dolla Lama’s work. It’s some beautiful stuff.

Apparently “Elbowtoe” has done at least a little time on the cushion.
Photo by Gregory Palmer

Thanks to all the photographers for their generosity and their good eyes.

Click on the linked credits to see more of their work. You’ll see some good stuff.

Know something about these Dharmaglyphs? Got a photo of one of your own? Email us:

Thanks, as always, from the Horse.


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