upper lower and core body conditioning exercises

From Combat Fitness

Upper Body Exercises:

Press Ups
Shoulder Press Up
Handstand Press Ups
One-arm handstand Hold
Hindu Press Up
Mantis Press Ups
Circular Press Ups
One-arm Hang
Diamond Press Ups
Reverse Press Ups
Open and Close
Forearm Roller
Shoulder Circles
Chinese Handstand
Bear Walk
Crab Walk
Bar Dips
Weighted Punching
Farmers Walk
Isometric Squeeze

Core Body Exercises:

Static Abs
The Ab Crunch
Knee to chest
Knee to Elbow
Kick Ups / Outs
Hyper Extension
Good Morning / Toe Touch
Squat Thrust / Mountain Climber
Bridge / Hip Bridge
Reverse Crunch
Donkey Kick

Lower Body Exercises :

Boot Strapper
The Basic Bodyweight Squat
Horse Stance
Hindu Squat
One-legged Squats
Calve Raise
Step Up
Platform Jump
Sumo Squat

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